I am available for public speaking and professional writing within the subjects of psychology, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

I have particular expertise in the areas of trauma, stress, resilience, social justice, mindfulness, and yoga. I have been teaching in professional settings since 2011.

My relevant qualifications include: MA in Psychology; MA in Education; MSc in Criminology & Criminal Psychology; Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200).

Some of my presentations and publications are listed below. Please contact me for more information.


Cartwright, A. E., (October, 2019). The Psychology of Stress: Resilience-Boosting Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness. Workshop (90 minutes), including activities, lecture, and meditation. The North Dakota Yoga Conference. Bismarck, North Dakota.

—> References and recommended reading available here!

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 Blog: Exploring Interpersonal Communication strategies in teaching (May, 2018).


Op-Ed: Reforming Juvenile Justice Requires Restructuring our Mindset (Jan, 2015).


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