Private yoga can be great for:

  • Reducing stress and boosting self-care

  • Complimenting other sports and hobbies (e.g., rock climbing, weight training)

  • Working with your schedule, needs, and interests

  • A tailored approach to building strength and improving flexibility

  • Enough time to use props, and practice safely with injuries or medical conditions

  • Building confidence for studio classes

  • Developing your practice (e.g., from beginner to intermediate)

  • Optional extras (e.g., breath work, meditation, yoga philosophy, psychology)

Please contact me for more information about private lessons!

Before your first session:

Complete the intake form so that I can create a great lesson for you.

View the waiver.

View payment options (electronic preferred).

Yoga Props:

I’m happy to answer any questions about yoga props, and make recommendations.

Two blocks and a yoga strap will help make many moves safe and accessible. In addition to supporting beginner-friendly yoga, they also have many intermediate and advanced-level uses. I prefer cork blocks as they are sturdy, last longer, and better support the body weight.

It is worth investing in a good quality yoga mat. Cheap mats will be slippery, and deteriorate quickly. This is a helpful guide to eco-friendly, non-toxic yoga mats.


I had a private yoga session with Antonia after major surgery. She was amazing! She researched my surgery and created a special yoga session for me designed specifically for relaxation, to loosen up my limbs and back and help get my strength back all while being extra-mindful of my surgery wounds. She even began with a short meditation to bring me back to my body, which she knew I needed even before I did! Must be her background in psychology and stress-reduction... It was amazing, and exactly what I needed at that difficult time in my healing process. Antonia worked with me and came to my apartment, working with my schedule, including my ups and downs of how strong or tired I was feeling at the time. I can't recommend her highly enough! Everyone should be lucky enough to have someone like this help them through their healing process, or just in everyday life. - S.K., Manhattan.

I’ve had fantastic private yoga sessions with Antonia! She is highly knowledgeable about her craft and creates a tailor made sequence for me that suited my body needs and limitations. I'm a cyclist as well as a climber so find group sessions don't address certain muscle groups enough which Antonia understands as she is also a brilliant climber. We’ve worked together to come up with more experimental sets of moves that are fun and dynamic, and at all points she provides me with options and variations on poses and moves so I can feel comfortable whilst challenged. And above all, she is a joy to hang out with! - Harriet B.

I love the beautiful personal yoga sessions with Antonia. She leads by focusing on the mind with connection to the physical poses. The modifications offered meet what I need from the practice. She makes Yoga fun. She reminds me to breathe, find my edge, alignment, and calm my mind. I always leave feeling peace and gratitude. Antonia is very professional and knowledgeable in what she does. 
Her sessions focused on mindfulness definitely reduce stress and have so much value.-
Natalia A.