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A Brit in the USA:

Sharing a love for yoga, mindfulness, rock climbing, psychology, meditation, and more…


Yoga: I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Yoga Seed Collective, Sacramento. The Yoga Seed are Sacramento’s only non-profit yoga studio. They bring inclusive practice to diverse communities, in a broad range of settings. With expertise in trauma-informed yoga, they offer an invaluable service to the local community.

I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years at studios and gyms in England, California, and now New York! I enjoy both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga. Over the years, yoga has offered me a spiritual grounding to compliment professional work, and a physical aid to boost training goals, such as for rock climbing, and to reduce stress.

Psychology and Education: With extensive teaching experience, and Masters degrees in both Psychology and Education, my yoga style incorporates current knowledge about topics such as health psychology, stress, and resilience, as well as thoughtfully designed techniques to help students develop the skills needed to build their own understanding and practice.

Qualification Details: Psychology MA (stress, trauma, mindfulness); Education MA; Criminology and Criminal Psychology MSc; Registered Yoga Teacher (200hr); NLP Master Practitioner; Certified Meditation Teacher.

Rock Climbing: I’ve been climbing for several years at a range of indoor and outdoor locations. See my yoga for climbers page for more information about my climbing background, and how I use yoga to help rock climbers reach new heights.

Professional Practice

I am registered with Yoga Alliance, and insured through Alliant Insurance Services.

I operate through a professional, State-registered company: Antonia Cartwright LLC.

I am American Red Cross certified for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED.