World Wide (remotely), & New York City

Relax, reduce stress, find balanced mind and body, restore energy, and meet your mind, body, and training goals! 

What I Offer:

Private Yoga and Studio Classes, Meditation Instruction, Yoga for Rock Climbers, Public Speaking, Wellness Coaching.

About Me:

Brit living in the USA. Yoga for 20 years. Rock climbing for 6 years.

Psychology MA (focusing on yoga and mindfulness for stress relief), Education MA, Psychology and Criminal Psychology (MSc).

Private Yoga.jpg

Private Yoga

At home, in a private gym space, or online.

We can focus on specific training goals, or beginner-friendly yoga for relaxation and overall well-being.

Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT200, The Yoga Seed).

Meditation Instruction.jpg

Meditation Instruction

During my Psychology MA, I focussed on on yoga, mindfulness, and meditation, for stress reduction.

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher (School of Positive Transformation).

Yoga for Climbers.PNG

Yoga for Rock Climbers

Use yoga to help you reach new heights on the wall!

Available in gyms, at home, or online.

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Public Speaking

I present at events and conferences on topics such as yoga and mindfulness for stress relief.

I have several years of professional teaching, writing, and presenting experience, as well as MAs in Education and Psychology.

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Studio Classes

I have experience teaching a range of yoga styles, in gyms, yoga studios, and other public locations.